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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Top 5 Exercise Programs You Can Follow On YouTube!

Getting into better shape is a phrase that we hear people throw around all the time. Many wish to do it in order to lose weight, while others just want to feel better, build endurance, or increase their muscle mass. Whatever the reason, most people feel they can benefit from increasing their workout.

But after making that declaration, many people become figuratively paralyzed from that point on. It's often not even a lack of motivation but an over-abundance of choice. Where should they even start? Which gym should they splurge their money on? Which workout program should they drop the cash on?

We are not saying that gyms or workout programs are not without their benefits, but for many, the best way to get started right away, before the motivation wears off, is by turning to YouTube. But even there, you might be immobilized by the amount of choice available, so in order to help you, we put together a list of out Top 5 FREE workout videos on YouTube!

#1 Luscious Legs Lottery Full Workout

Autumn Fitness gives a great leg toning. Her channel is a definite must to check out, as she has many fitness videos that you can follow. We love how professional the producing on this video appears and we love Autumn herself.

#2 Lift and Tone Booty Routine with Katrina

Because who doesn't want a better booty? This workout is bound to make you sore after the first time you try it but will give you GREAT results. No pain, no gain, right?

#3 Total-Body Sculpting: Resistance Band Workout for Beginners

We love that this video will give you a full body workout and that it incorporates resistance bands. These bands are easy to come by and will help you tone much faster than doing moves alone. We think that workout like these could maybe even replace gym memberships for some people!

#4 Pump It Up Ultimate Dance Workout 2004

Yes! This workout is OLD. That's actually partly what makes it so much fun. You are not only working out by dancing, but you are doing it with some nostalgia!

We highly recommend dancing for cardio because it is an easier workout to maintain. It feels less like torture and more like fun.

We also feel like the over 28 MILLION views speak for themselves!

#5 Cardio Belly Dance: Harem Workout with Music

We are suckers for dancing workout and Cardio belly dancing promises to be everything we want in a workout. Not only will the results make us look sexier, but we will FEEL sexier while doing it! (Especially once we've mastered the moves!)
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