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Monday, December 19, 2016

Top 5 Tips To Get You Started On The Road To Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the most common resolution people make and fail. Sometimes it seems like an impossible feat and we get resigned to never being able to take our body under control. Though it is important to love and accept ourselves as we are, it makes sense to get the body we love into as good a shape as possible.

Often, the best results come with a few simple steps to get started. Here are the Top 5 tips we have for you to get you to a happier, healthier, more energetic you!

#1 Drink More Water

Oh we hear this all the time and it can be frustrating, but there is a reason why this advice is often the first given to people who want to lose weight: it is so useful.

Drinking more water helps you in a variety of ways:

- It fills you before meals.
- It helps your body detox itself (really the only TRUE detox aid)
- Dehydration can sometimes feel like hunger, so drinking more water could make you less hungry.
- It keeps the mouth and hands busy (so it helps combat the physical addiction to eating we sometimes have.)
- It increases the metabolism by 3%.
- It is good for the skin (bonus!)

If you can't handle drinking more water, try to replace 50% of your water intake with unsweetened herbal tea (taken hot or cold). A cold mint tea with a slice of lemon is extremely refreshing!

#2 Treat Yourself (Use the 80/20 Rule)

When you start a new lifestyle, you might feel very motivated and want to cut everything out at once. Though your intentions are great, the problem with this method is that most people find themselves soon burning out.

What we recommend is for 80% of your food intake to be for your nutrition while 20% of it be for your pleasure. This could be broken down daily or as having a cheat day once a week.

What we have found is that by not feeling deprived, a person will not only stick better to their healthy eating, but will even get to a point where their idea of eating for pleasure will shift to healthier habits without ever feeling that they are denied their pleasures.

#3 Have a Strategy for Eating out of your Home

Depending on your lifestyle, this can be a small or a huge part of your new lifestyle process. Though what you are eating at home can be difficult enough to manage, it becomes even worse if you are someone who must dine out often (whether it is for work or just an active social lifestyle).

- Restaurants: In many cases, you can find things on the menu that will suit your needs. (In some places, laws are making it necessary for restaurants to put the calorie count of items on the menu). However, don't feel ashamed to look after yourself and order off the menu. Most restaurant can easily accommodate you if you ask for something simpler (this is especially important if you eat out often and it is not a treat) Feel free to ask the restaurant to skip the sauce on your protein and/or butter on your vegetables, for example).

- Parties: Fill up before hitting up a party. Going to a party hungry is probably a recipe for disaster. However, make sure you don't end up filling up and then also treating yourself. Stay in control of your eating and only indulge if it is part of your plan.

- Pack a meal whenever appropriate. This has the bonus benefit to save you money too.

#4 Eat More (or the Right Things)

A great diet tip is actually to start off by eating more (of the right things). If you start by just adding the good habits, it can become easier to then remove the bad ones. Some bad habits might get pushed out on their own.

One of our contributor here at Top 5 Network found that after adding a workout routine to his life, his smoking habit no longer made sense, and the habit (which he had tried to quit several times in the past) was let go of relatively easily.

Some of the things you might want to incorporate into your diet (other than the obvious vegetables) are:

- Citrus: Vitamin C will help block cortisol production. Cortisol helps your body store fat!

- Lean Proteins: Meats such a turkey, chicken and fish keep you full longer and contains the Amino Acids your body needs to build muscles.

- Dark Chocolate: Since we mentioned you should treat yourself, why don't you do it with dark chocolate? In moderation, this food acts as an antioxidant and contains the good-for-you flavonoids that can also be found in green tea and wine (which should also be enjoyed only in moderation).

#5 Be More Active

Or at least start by being less sedentary.  Stand more whenever possible. Put your laptop on your kitchen counter and stand to browse.

In general, weight loss is 75% diet, 25% exercise, so though you can't outrun a bad diet, exercise does have a strong part in your weight loss process.

A great place to start is to walk more places. If somewhere is within a certain distance, commit to yourself that you will walk to this place instead of driving. Feel free to increase your radius over time. Many people find that a step counter device is very beneficial.

Find a workout that you love (Check out our Top 5 list of FREE workouts on YouTube as a starting point.)

But also remember to get enough sleep. Sleep will actually also be an important part of your weight loss process, not only is it important to better hormone management, it also helps you stay strong and make good decisions for your health.
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