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Monday, January 16, 2017

Top 5 foods highest in vitamin C

Vitamin c is an important micronutrient for good health. Though we commonly know Vitamin C as being good for specific things (preventing and treating the common cold and scurvy, for example) it has a wide range of health benefits.

In fact, some of it's health benefits include the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, stroke and helps with eye health, and immunity.

Though the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C is only 75-90 mg, some doctors are recommending upwards to 500 mg a day for optimal health. This amount can be difficult to reach without taking multivitamins, but with the right foods, it is far from impossible. Here are some recommendations of Top 5 foods high in vitamin C:

(Vitamin C in 100g)

1# Guavas 

228.3mg (381% DV)

2# Bell Peppers 

183.5mg (306% DV)

3# Kale

120mg (200% DV)

4# Kiwi

92.7mg (155% DV)

5# Broccoli 

89.2mg (149% DV)
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